ADV373/PR377K Integrated Communication Campaigns

Course Overview and Objectives: 

This is the final course in your PR/Adv degree program. Prerequisites for this combined course include introductory advertising and marketing, research, media, and communication management. It requires you to integrate all the pieces of your education experience to solve real-world marketing communication problems. This class is less about learning new information and more about synthesizing and applying what you have learned so far. This class will reveal how much you know about integrated brand promotion and how well your knowledge can be applied to specific problem-solving situations.

The major focus of this course is the two campaign plans your group will prepare and present to clients. Although I will be assisting you and directing your work throughout the course, individual and group work is a very important part of your grade. It is also instrumental in training for real world agency/client conditions.

You are required to perform work as members of an “agency” team. You will be graded for your participation as group members, your individual contribution to the plans book, and also for the group’s work. Your individual grade on the campaign can be significantly affected by a weak performance on your agency team.

The course is demanding and requires a considerable amount of individual and group effort.  The reward, however, will be an appreciation for the complexity and hard work necessary to survive in the business.

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