ADV319 Psychology of Advertising

Course Overview and Objectives:

This is an introductory course about the psychology of persuasion and consumer behavior as they relate to marketing and advertising. Psychological concepts will be covered such as: perception, learning, memory, motivation, values, personality, attitudes, etc. Consumer behavior-related concepts will also be discussed such as: lifestyle, decision making, opinion leadership, income, social class, etc.

The goal is to provide students with a sound understanding of how advertising may impact consumers on a psychological level. This course has three main objectives. Using a psychological frame of reference, we will spend the semester exploring:

  1. The individual-level factors that influence consumer decision-making and behaviors
  2. The dynamics of individual consumer behavior when situated in small groups
  3. The larger social and cultural backdrop against which all consumer behavior is carried out

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Sample Assignments:

Personal Consumption Journal:

  1. Part 1: handout_journal
  2. Part 2: handout_journal.2
  3. Part 3: handout_top 10 list
  4. Part 4: handout_ad analysis

Short essays:

  1. Four short essay questions: handout