My research takes a social-scientific approach to questions about environmental communication and sustainability, and the ways in which consumer behavior and communication campaigns might help mitigate the effects of environmental crises like climate change, while supporting social justice and civic engagement. It is firmly rooted in a normative concern for a well-functioning society and the ways in which individuals can enact their political and civic values in the marketplace rather than via formal political institutions. My research focuses on the ways message components (like visual elements, argument frames, source factors) in environmental communication campaigns interact with other message components to influence environmental attitudes, beliefs and behaviors. My work has appeared in top-ranked flagship outlets, like the Journal of Advertising and the International Journal of Communication, and in highly regarded specialty publications, like Environmental Communication and Science Communication. Outside of academia, my work has been covered in international and national news media, including the Guardian (UK) newspaper, National Public Radio’s Weekend Edition and the Dallas Morning News.