Select Journal Articles

(# indicates graduate student co-author at time of submission)

Atkinson, L. (in press) “Locating the “politics” in political consumption: How political consumers talk about the rights and responsibilities that connect their consumption choices to their sense of citizenship.” Forthcoming in the International Journal of Communication. PDF.

Atkinson, L. (in press) “Good Corporate Citizenship: Predictors of support for corporate social justice as an element of sustainable citizenship norms in Europe.” Forthcoming in the International Journal of Communication. PDF.

Atkinson, L. and Kim, Y.# (2015). “I Drink It Anyway and I Know I Shouldn’t”: Understanding Green Consumers’ Positive Evaluations of Norm-violating Non-green Products and Misleading Green Advertising. Environmental Communication, 9(1): 37-57. PDF.

Atkinson, L., Nelson, M. and Rademacher, M. (2015) “A Humanistic Approach to Understanding Child Consumer Socialization in the Home.” Journal of Children and Media, 9(1): 95-112. PDF.

Lazard, A.# and Atkinson. L. (2015) “Putting Environmental Infographics Center Stage: The Role of Visuals at the ELM’s Critical Point of Persuasion.” Science Communication, 37(1): 6-33. PDF.

Katz-Kimchi, M. and Atkinson, L. (2014) “Popular climate science and painless consumer choices: Communicating climate change in the Hot Pink Flamingos exhibit, Monterey Bay Aquarium.” Science Communication, 36(6): 754-777. PDF.

Sojung, K.# and Atkinson, L. (2014) “Responses toward Corporate Crisis and Corporate Advertising.” Journal of Promotion Management, 20(5): 647-665. PDF.

Atkinson, L. (2014). “Green moms: Inherent contradictions of environmental advertising appeals directed at first-time mothers.” Forthcoming in Consumption Markets & CulturePDF

Dudo, A., Cicchirillo, V., Atkinson, L., & Marx, S.# (2014). Portrayals of science and scientists in video games: A potential avenue for informal science learning. Science Communication, 36(2): 219-247. PDF

Atkinson, L. and Rosenthal, S.# (2014). “Signaling the green sell: the influence of eco-label source and argument specificity on consumer trust.” Journal of Advertising, 43(1): 33-45. PDF

Atkinson, L. (2013). “Smart shoppers? Using QR codes and “green” smartphone apps to mobilize sustainable consumption.” International Journal of Consumer Studies, 37: 387-393PDF

Atkinson, L. (2012). “Buying in to Social Change: How private consumption choices engender concern for the collective,” The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 644(1): 191-206. PDF

Wood, M.L.M., Nelson, M.R., Atkinson, L. and Lane, J.B. (2008). “Social Utility Theory: Guiding Labeling of VNRs as Ethical and Effective Public Relations”, Journal of Public Relations Research, 20/2: 231-249. PDF

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Select Book Chapters

Atkinson, L. (2015). “Buying in or tuning out: The role of consumption in politically active young adults.” In H. Gil de Zuniga and S. Reese (Eds.) New Agendas in Communication: New Technologies and Civic Engagement. New York: Routledge. PDF.

Atkinson, L. (2013). “Clarifying, Confusing or Crooked? Interpretations of green advertising claims by ethically minded consumers.” In M. Drumwright and S. Reese (Eds.) Ethical Issues in Communication Professions: New Agendas in Communication. New York: Routledge. PDF